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Primary Care is the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses. Our primary care physician takes care of your physicals, helps you to manage chronic diseases, diagnoses and in many cases treats your illnesses, and generally helps you to be as healthy as you can be. Our doctor provide complete, continuing health care for patients of all ages, from newborn to seniors, with all types of problems. Family doctors are trained in a broad range of areas in outpatient medicine, including obstetrics, pediatrics, minor surgical procedures, and injury evaluation and management.

Blood tests and urine test are performed to act as an aid in diagnosing a suspected disease or condition. They are also used to monitor existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and other illnesses. We also do Coumadin monitoring. For some blood tests it is necessary for the patient to fast for a minimum of ten hours prior to the venipuncture or blood draw. These include full lipid analysis and cholesterol testing.